2773 Cafe

DT@2773 - Glenbrook

It’s my first outing to a cafe since the COVID-19 shutdown in March. It looks as though Glenbrook locals are just as happy to be out too, making the most of 2773 Cafe’s reopening the previous day. I’ve never been to this cafe before, but apparently they have done a refurbishment, getting rid of the petting zoo and moving the kiddies playground down the back, leaving the front section to the adults and the cocktails. There’s no sign of the scones with the cakes, but they are on the menu. The two small scones take a while to arrive, and I am hoping they are made to order. They don’t taste like they are and have an aftertaste that I can’t put my finger on. The ordinary strawberry jam has some welcome help from the double thick cream. Considering the overall cost of the Devonshire Tea is in the higher price range, I’d expect the jam and cream to be served in something other than plastic disposable thimbles. Although dining is semi alfresco (apart from a few tables inside) it’s warm with all the heaters switched on.




Tea: A selection of Tea Drop silk pyramid tea bags served in a Japanese iron teapot.

Price: $$$

Overall: A large open-air cafe that has a friendly village vibe.

Location: 19 Ross St, Glenbrook NSW 2773 Ph: 02 47392773 2773glenbrook.com.au

Reviewed in June 2020


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