JJs Bakery

DT@JJs Bakery - Longford

In 1807, farmers began settling in the area around Longford, and with the use of free convict labour, built some grand homesteads and estates. An easy visit from Launceston, the farming town is littered with historic buildings. JJ’s Bakery set up shop in 1989 in Longford in a former flour mill – The Emerald Mill. Convict built in 1834; the mill operated until 1903, and until it’s revival as a bakery in 1989 was used for a range of purposes including a soap factory and an electrical store. Today the main counter is like any other bakery, but then once further inside, diners can choose from either cosy downstairs dining or head upstairs. There are only fruit scones today and it tastes more like a hot cross bun than a scone: fruit rich, moist and spicy. The raspberry sachet jam is a lousy substitute for a pot of jam, but will have to do. The cream is unusual; gooey and slightly sweet dispensed like a Mr Whippy ice-cream. No doubt it’s the cream used by the bakery for their cakes, and to be honest, I don’t mind it. JJ’s Bakery also has bakery cafes in Launceston and Campbell Town.




Tea: A very basic range of Tea Drop pyramid tea bags served in a traditional looking teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A commercial bakery franchise in a historic country town.

Location: 52 Wellington St, Longford TAS 7301 Ph: 03 6391 2364 jjsbakery.com.au

Reviewed in December 2019

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