Barneys at Bookham

DT@BArneys at Bookham

When driving along the Hume Highway, sometimes the big services centres just don’t cut it. If you prefer personal service and a chilled place to rest from the monotony of highway driving, Barneys at Bookham is the place. Don’t blink, lest you’ll miss it, and if you don’t catch the ‘Barneys at Bookham billboard’, it’s easy to zoom on by. Feeling like it’s in the middle of nowhere, the enclave includes a few houses, a scrap business, a couple of churches and of course the cafe. Scones are served in either one’s or two’s and although each scone is wrapped separately in plastic in the display counter, they aren’t bad. Light and fluffy, they are the best part of the spread considering the strawberry jam is ordinary and the dairy whip cream synthetic. Sit outside in the large dining area and watch, in the distance, the Hume Highway whizz by.




Tea: A basic range of Twinings tea bags served in a small teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A great alternative to the Hume Highway service centres.

Location: 24 Fagan Dr, Bookham NSW 2582 Ph: 0435 907 773

Reviewed in December, 2019

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