Charlie’s On East

DT@Charlie's on East - Port Fairy

A visit to Port Fairy is not complete without checking out the beaches. And what beaches! The white sand and turquoise waters of East Beach goes on forever, and in good weather there is no other place you want to be. Perched above the East Beach Surf Club sits Charlie’s On East, a simple cafe that feeds off its prime surfside position. Perhaps prime real estate on one of Australia’s most famous and beautiful coastlines doesn’t warrant friendly service or maybe I am just unlucky and the waitress is having a bad day. I arrive just in time to nab the last scone, and from my later investigations in Port Fairy, I think the last scone in the whole town. One scone is enough as it is huge. It tastes much better than it looks and is fresh with a hint of vanilla. The average strawberry jam is acceptable but doesn’t do the scone any favours, but the double thick cream is a saviour. Try for a table out on the balcony for views of superb East Beach.




Tea: A range of Tea Drop tea silk tea bags served in a three-quarters filled tiny teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Fantastic endless views of East Beach and beyond.

Location: 4 Hughes Ave, Port Fairy VIC 3284 Ph: 03 5568 2885

Reviewed in November, 2019

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