Cafe Bear & Scoobs

DT@Cafe Bear & Scoobs - North Geelong#

On the way to Cafe Bear & Scoobs I pass a Sphinx with a bottle shop underneath:  unusual to say the least, but an interesting gimmick for a pub. This part of town feels slightly ‘light industrial’ and I am surprised to find a cafe with giant teddy bears sitting at either side of the entrance in this part of town. I wonder what the guys in hi-vis clothing think? It doesn’t seem to bother them, because by the look of all the food coming out of the kitchen, and all the yummy cakes in the cabinet, I understand why. It’s a motley bunch of customers: with groups of women in exercise wear chatting over coffees and solo diners reading the paper. All I can say is that whoever owns the cafe knows a thing or two about how a Devonshire Tea should be. The scones are incredibly fresh, creamy and absolutely delicious. The organic strawberry jam is tart and absolutely fabulous, and a long way from the sickly sweet strawberry jams that are often on offer in cafes. The lashings of double thick cream is a nice addition and really tops off an already superb spread. The teddy biscuits with the tea are a nice touch.




Tea: A selection of Tea Forte pyramid tea bags served with a huge tea cup of hot water and beautifully presented on it’s own tray.

Price: $$

Overall: A huge space with a delectable scone, jam and cream spread.

Location: 18 Thompson Rd, North Geelong VIC 3215 Ph: 0408 290 298

Reviewed in November, 2019

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