Java Cafe

DT@Java Cafe-Millicent#2

Millicent, a small town inland from South Australia’s Limestone Coast, is probably not a huge drawcard for travellers even though its in driving distance from beaches and limestone caves. Along the main shopping street are several cafes, and luckily I find scones at Java Cafe. With shady footpath seating, a deck out the back and a variety of tables from solo seating along the window to large groups, the cafe offers a space for all. The presentation of the Devonshire Tea is impressive, but not so is the tea bag in the cup. Apparently there are teapots but I am not offered one. The two creamy and fluffy scones are delectable and very more-ish if you haven’t had lunch. There is strawberry and apricot jam on offer, and as always I make use of the apricot jam. It’s better than the average cafe variety, but to me, apricot jam always tastes better! The chilled whipped cream is slightly sweet and a perfect accompaniment with the scones and jam.




Tea: A basic range of tea bags served in a mug, although a teapot is on offer.

Price: $$

Overall: An excellent spread in a quiet country town.

Location: 77a George St, Millicent SA 5280 Ph: 08 8733 2288

Reviewed in November, 2019

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