The Teahouse

DT@The Teahouse - Geelomng Botaical Gardens

The first time I try to visit The Teahouse, it’s 37 degrees with easterly winds so strong that they close the Geelong Botanic Gardens. Ten days later, I try again when it’s 12 degrees and wet, but luckily all is open. Established in 1851, the Geelong Botanic Gardens are the fourth oldest botanic garden in Australia! Located in a fenced off area in the expansive Eastern Park in East Geelong, the Geelong Botanic Gardens is a quiet escape from whatever is going on on the other side of the fence. The simple teahouse sits in a shady spot with shaded outdoor seating. There is very little room in the actual teahouse for much seating, so it’s ideal in fine weather. Tea and scones is the only way to finish off a stroll through the gardens. At first glance, the scone looks very sad, and although it tastes fresh and creamy, it’s hard to have a really good look as the scone arrives already dressed. The cafe is very generous with the whipped cream, which is lathered over the average strawberry jam. The whole thing tastes better than it looks but I think $10 is a couple of dollars too much for what you get. The little cookie on the cup is a nice touch.




Tea: A range of Tea Drop pyramid teabags served in a small teapot and with a proper China cup.

Price: $$

Overall: A beautiful public garden with a simple tea house, suitable in fine weather.

Location: Geelong Botanic Gardens, Botanic Pl, East Geelong VIC 3219 Ph: 0413 706 535

Reviewed in November, 2019

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