ETC Bakery

DT@ETC Bakery Cafe - Elizabeth Town

If you prefer more low-key locales, you’d probably drive straight by ETC Bakery. The business has commandeered the ginormous building that was once an inn, and has transformed it into a bakery/cafe that can hold a few coach loads at once. The upstairs section has been repurposed as conference rooms, which is not only handy for catering purposes, but for the bright rooms and the views overlooking the surrounding farmland. However, normal clientele are relegated to the spacious downstairs area. Also filled with light, there’s a kind of sunroom that runs the length of the building that is sunnier still. There are plain or date scones available, and I stick with the plain. They punch well above average, which I’m guessing should be the case when buying from a bakery. They are fresh and firm, better than many I have tried. The jam is average, and there are a few sachets of butter thrown on the tray just in case you like a double hit of lubrication on your scone. The cream is impressive; slightly sweet and chilled to be firm. The bakery/cafe is open from 6am until a civilised 6pm. Perfect if heading to Devonport for the departure of the Spirit of Tasmania or if arriving from the mainland.

Scones: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Jam: teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Cream: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapot3

Tea: A basic variety of Tea Drop pyramid tea bags served in a small teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A surprisingly good spread for a bakery on the tourist route.

Location: 5783 Bass Hwy, Elizabeth Town TAS 7304 Ph: 03 6368 1350

Reviewed May 2019







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