Cafe on Queen

DT@Cafe on Queens-Binalong#2

Binalong is not on the way to many places, so you’ll probably have to make a diversion to visit. The small village north of the Hume Highway has a cluster of businesses, with the lovely Cafe on Queen one of them. Don’t be fooled by the cafe’s size (like I was), as there is a whole garden to spread out in, plus few sculptures to check out. I nab the last of the scones – lucky. They have a lot of potential, and to me, they don’t taste like they were baked today (hence the lower score). They are quite flat but kind of creamy as well, and as I said, if they were fresh from the oven, I think they would have been pretty good. I know jam is meant to be sweet, but this one tastes super sweet. The cream could do with a bit more whipping or refrigeration as it collapses when spooned onto the scone, but it’s still better than most. Love, love, love the teacup and of course the garden setting. Homemade goodies such as chutneys and jams are for sale. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
Scones: teapot3teapot3teapot3

Jam: teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Cream: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Tea: A basic range of teabags served in a cute teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: If you are passing through, it’s a nice place to take a break.

Location: 13 Queen St, Binalong NSW 2584

Reviewed May 2019

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