Seasons of Kurrajong

DT@Seasons of Kurrajong-Kurrajong#2

It’s a warm day when I visit Seasons of Kurrajong, and I wish I’d chosen a table out in the courtyard. Instead, I sit and gaze at the expansive views of Sydney’s western sprawl, feeling stifled behind the floor to ceiling glass. It’s cosy inside (perfect for winter days) with more dining in the courtyard and out the front on the footpath. I don’t see the scones on display even though I’d called ahead to check, so they must be hidden somewhere in the kitchen. Worth the diversion, the scones are feather light and up there with the best of them. A big lump of jellied strawberry jam seems almost too robust for such delicate scones, and the particularly small dish of double thick cream needs to be at least double in size. The fresh blueberries are a nice touch.

Scones: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Jam: teapot3teapot3teapot3

Cream: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapot3

Tea: A basic selection of tea bags served in a small teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Cosy interiors with smashing views.

Location: Ph: 02 4573 1797

Reviewed March, 2018

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