Peter’s of Kensington

DT@Peter's of Kensington-Kensington

Peters of Kensington’s flagship store is oh so la-de-da! It reminds me of a paired back and very compact David Jones. It’s windowless like a casino, which means it’s very easy to lose track of time whilst wandering the floors and looking at stuff you don’t particularly need. The kitchenware department is very popular, and if you can’t find it here, then it probably doesn’t exist! Sharing the same floor of said kitchenware, the cafe is all subdued tones and clicking of cutlery, and sophisticated in a Harrods kind of way. There’s a very reasonable ‘scone special’ on the menu and means that scones at this cafe are a given. The scone isn’t bad, although it has spent 20 seconds too long in the microwave, therefore has a hint of ‘nuked’. The jam isn’t anything special but it’s better than average, and although the cream is fresh, it’s very light. Overall, I find the cafe quite endearing with a yesteryear vibe.

Scones: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Jam: teapot3teapot3teapot3

Cream: teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Tea: A range of loose-leaf teas served in a good-sized teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Classic old-school department store cafe.

Location:  Ph: 02 9662 1099 

Reviewed October, 2017

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