Gertrude & Petunias

DT@Gertrude &Petunia's - Kensington

I catch a glimpse of Gertrude & Petunias as I drive by, and know instantly that this is the kind of place that will serve scones. Luckily for me I am on the mark, and the Devonshire Tea is set up and decorating the cake cabinet fittingly. The cafe exudes vintage Parisian tones, and feels like an antique shop once inhabited the space. Bold wallpaper, an assortment of mirrors, chandeliers and Parisian-style furnishings combine to create a chic space. My only pet peeve is that the tables look stark with not even a salt and peppershaker in sight, like the staff are about to lock the door and go home. A flower vase would do wonders to complete the furnishings and make the already-cosy cafe, even more welcoming. My two buttery scones are tender and melt-in-the-mouth delicious, and the right size for a snack. Is it, or isn’t it clotted cream? It’s so close, and come to think of it, this soft buttery cream might perhaps be a skewed Australian version? Whatever it is, along with the jam, there’s the right amount to slather two scones generously. As always, it’s a treat to sip tea from a proper China cup, and this has a matching plate and vintage-style cutlery. Who said the finer details don’t matter?

Scones: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapot3

Jam: teapot3teapot3teapothalf

Cream: teapot3teapot3teapot3teapot3

Tea: A small but interesting range of Ovvio Organic loose-leaf teas served in a small teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A charming corner cafe with vintage overtones.

Location: 61 Todman Ave, Kensington NSW 2033 Ph: 02 9663 0951

Reviewed in September, 2017

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