The Wharf Restaurant


As a long time scuba diver, I’m not one for aquariums – too predictable amongst other things. So when I visit The Wharf Restaurant, I stay upstairs without venturing to the depths below to see the oceanarium and witness one of the fish feeding sessions (school holidays only). The aquarium is ideal for landlubbers and kids to get up close to the creatures that lie beneath the south coast crystalline waters. Above all the serene action sits The Wharf Restaurant, looking more functional than flash, but blessed with million dollar views. Perched at the end of Lake Street, peering over the old wharf, the lucky few outdoor diners (and many more indoor) get to stare at the expansive views of the Merimbula inlet and southern coastline. Although offering a menu heavy on seafood, I notice a tower of scones on the bar when I walk in. The serving comes with two scones, but after devouring half a seafood platter I can barely handle one. The scone is baked-today fresh, easy on the eye (looks good), and has a creamy texture. The strawberry jam is average but good enough, and the fresh cream light, aerated in a whipping cream cylinder. We’re not far from Bega country and delight in listening to a couple of dairy farmers grilling the waitress about the quality of the cream used with the scones!




Tea: A selection of T2 loose-leaf teas served in a good-sized tea pot. My water is far from hot, and definitely not hot enough to brew the tea.

Price: $$

Overall: A spectacular location for expansive views towards the Merimbula coastline.

Location: The Wharf, Lake St Merimbula NSW 2548 Ph: 02 6495 4446
Reviewed in February, 2017

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