Little Tree Cafe


As the Princes Highway weaves its way south to the border, it passes through many stop-worthy picturesque towns. The Yatte Yattah plant nursery is out on its lonesome, neither here nor there when it comes to attaching to a village of sorts, which makes it a lovely quiet place for a break or if you need a plant in a hurry. Set well off the road, the small nursery has a decent selection of plants if you feel the need to peruse while you wait for the scones to arrive. The indoor section of the cafe is neat and tidy if not a little sterile, but the best seats in the house are on the wraparound deck that looks over lush green lawns. There’s a choice of plain or date scones, so I opt for the plain. They’re not bad, and taste quite fresh but with a definite microwave taste. When I mention this to my partner he says he saw them come out of the freezer. The strawberry jam is average and there’s plenty of the lightly whipped airy cream. Top marks for presentation (I came here in 2009 and the scones were served in a basket) and the quirky souvenir spoon.




Tea: The usual selection of tea bag teas served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A quiet nursery cafe tucked well away from the rush of the Princes Highway.

Location: 38 Tierney Rd Yatte Yattah NSW 2539 Ph: 02 4456 4254

Reviewed in February, 2017

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