The Train Cafe


The red rattler that is The Train Cafe looks good for its age, considering it was built in 1926. Renovated in the early 1950s after a rail accident, the red rattler was soon decommissioned in 1956 and somehow found its way to the streets of Cobargo. Transformed into a quirky cafe, the property is far more than the carriage itself. There’s seating in an outdoor courtyard shaded by umbrellas, and more seating indoors on the other side of the carriage. The carriage is far bigger than it looks, however it’s a shame that there are only a couple of booths and the rest is decked out with standard tables and chairs, deflecting from the carriage-y feel. The scone business must be doing well as I am told they have baked three batches of scones today. Very fresh and creamy, I can’t fault them. It’s only until after I leave that I see the sign out the front of the carriage saying that the scones have won first prize at the local Show! The rich homemade raspberry jam is also excellent with the only let down being the cream, which is feather light. Seriously, who cares? The other two components are so good that a serving of ‘too light’ cream has no chance of spoiling top-rate scones. Closed Tuesdays.




Tea: A mismatch of loose-leaf and tea bag teas served in a tea-pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The iconic red rattler meets a revitalised 200-year-old village.

Location: 57A Princes Hwy, Cobargo NSW 2550 Ph: 02 6493 6144

Reviewed in February, 2017

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