Bert’s Cafe


I wouldn’t call Naracoopa on the east coast of King Island a town, as it’s more like a sleepy hamlet. A collection of homes, a few holiday rentals and accommodation, a phone booth, and one cafe that invites guests to sit on the wrap around deck. Welcome to Bert’s Cafe, which also doubles up as Bert and his wife’s home. From their deck there are mesmerising panoramic views of Sea Elephant Bay, and a stroll south will lead to the century old Naracoopa jetty, a popular stomping ground for fishermen/women, and anyone passing by. Bert says that his buttermilk scones are the best on the island. It’s a big call, and you’ve got to be sure before you start blowing your own trumpet. Sorry Bert, but I think your opinion might be a tad subjective. The scones are good, no doubt about it. They are served warm, but personally they don’t taste fresh, as in, ‘fresh-that-day’. The whipped King Island cream, that could almost be clotted, it’s so good, is superb that I hardly notice the sweet and non-eventful strawberry jam. Open on weekends, but check for other days, and it’s cash only!



Tea: A choice of the standard teas, all tea bags, although there is a Lipton Chai. I pay $1.00 extra for a green tea, which is just a couple of Lipton tea bags. The extra jug of hot water is a nice thought.

Price: $$

Overall: Alfresco dining with unobstructed views of the bay.

Location: 115 Esplanade, Naracoopa, King Island TAS 7256 Ph: 0429 646 210

Reviewed in December, 2016


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