Cafe Birkenhead


What makes shopping at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre bearable is it’s harbourside location and light filled space. Even the restaurants and cafes are pleasant, boasting water views. Far away from the hectic Food Court, Cafe Birkenhead is more sedate even though the large industrial style space seems very popular. There’s enough room and water views for everyone, even during the Christmas shopping period. After an impressive lunch, I am shocked when my scones arrive – they look ridiculous. The two huge steaming lumps are more akin to bread rolls than delicate scones, and are accompanied by two tiny packets of Kraft jam, and a bowl of Dairy Whip cream that is quickly dissolving. The scones (?) are slightly sweet and are at least fresh, but taste nothing like scones. The waitress is back with more packets of low quality jam within moments of asking, and the cream? Super light and melting rapidly. But at least it’s 97 per cent ‘real’ cream. This spread is embarrassing considering that the cafe offers decent food, with generous servings and at good prices.




Tea: A small selection of Madura tea bags served in a small tea pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A light industrial space with delicate touches including a bonza view.

Location: Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, 70a/19 Roseby St Drummoyne NSW 2047
Ph: 02 9181 4339

Reviewed in December, 2016

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