Sugar ‘n’ Spice


Sugar ‘n’ Spice is the latest cafe in Chatswood Chase’s to offer scones. The cafe is tucked away on Listed as a ‘Cream Tea’ on the menu, you’ll find it listed under ‘Fun on a Plate’, which is kind of true. Today’s scone selection includes plain, date, sultana, strawberry and chocolate mud. They all sound appealing and a few even intriguing. Steering away from my usual scone choice (I’m usually only given one – plain), I go for the most extreme – chocolate mud. I’m not a traditionalist, but I have to draw the line at chocolate mud scones. Call it anything, but, a scone? I don’t know. The scone is very small, perfect for a snack. It definitely lives up to its name as it’s dense and chocolate muddy, but has spent slightly too much time being reheated. I pair it with raspberry jam, although I am torn between the choice of apricot, veri veri and marmalade. The jam goes well with the chocolate, but it’s a double sugar hit. The cream is a stand out. At least whoever wrote the menu isn’t delusional; it says clotted cream, and it is. The gorgeous Royal Albert tea ware feels like it’s come straight out of a box, spanking new. Tea just tastes so good when sipped from good quality china.




Tea: A selection of T2 loose-leaf teas served in a nifty teapot where the teapot sits on top of the cup and the tea is filtered into the cup below. Beware of spillage though!

Price: $$

Overall: A left field approach to the traditional scone, jam and cream.

Location: 345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067 Ph: 02 9419 2217

Reviewed in November, 2016

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