Soiree is foremost a successful cake creating and catering business, before a high-end cake shop and cafe. And we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill cakes either, think decadent special occasion creations for big events like weddings and significant birthdays etc. I stroll past one Sunday, which is serendipitous; it’s the only day the cafe serves scones. Coinciding with ‘High Tea Sunday’, I am told that there are always scones in the house as they are baked for the High Teas. When I finally tear myself away from ogling the delectable sweet sensations on offer, I settle in at one of the indoor tables (there are some in the back garden and out on the footpath) and take in the semi Moulin Rouge decor. My scone is served cold (no heat on this baby), straight from the cake display cabinet that may even be chilled. I prefer my scones slightly warm, but this is how they tend to be served in the UK – at room temperature. Still, the texture is good and tastes like it has been made with quality products. The jam is better than average, although not by much, and the consistency quite thin. The cream tastes synthetic rather than creamy and rich, and is super light. The pretty tea ware is lovely and adds to the pleasure of sipping good quality tea.




Tea: An interesting selection of T Totaler loose-leaf teas and hand-picked herbal varieties purchased in Turkey. The tea is served in a good-sized pot

Price: $$

Overall: The place for cake creations and for feeling decadent.

Location: 1/102 Alfred St S, Milsons Point NSW 2061 Ph: 02 9957 3527
Reviewed in October, 2016

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