Exeter General Store


Thoughts of the Pied Piper come to mind when I’m at the Exeter General Store. Locals stroll in for their morning caffeine hit, and although the place feels isolated, people seem to stream in from everywhere. Located in the quieter corner of the Southern Highlands, far removed from populated Bowral, Mittagong and Moss Vale, Exeter looks little more than an intersection to the passing motorist. On the contrary, the General Store acts as a hub for coffee and book lovers, acts as the post office, and is a store selling basic provisions and souvenirs for visitors. I’m told the scones are usually sold out before 11am, so I’ve parked myself in front of the ceiling to floor glass shop front by 8.30am, admiring the red tulips in the garden. The scones are fresh out of the oven and are creamy and feather light, and are complimented with tart berry jam and double thick cream. It’s an excellent combination and it’s easy to understand why this place is so popular. The classy tea cosies are a real hit!




Tea: A good enough range of T2 loose-leaf teas served in a pot topped with a handmade tea cosy.

Price: $$

Overall: Not to be missed!

Location: 1 Exeter Rd, Exeter NSW 2579 Ph: 02 4883 4289
Reviewed in September, 2016

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