The Church Glenbrook


Aptly named, The Church Glenbrook is literally a cafe within a church. It’s tiny, so most of the cafe spills out onto the footpath where umbrella covered seating and a more permanently covered/protected dining area allows diners to spread out. Indoors, there are some nice wall features and you can purchase Tea Craft teas and scented candles. It’s all chilled and relaxed as only lovely Glenbrook can be, tucked well enough away from the hectic highway starting its ascent up to the Blue Mountains. Order a couple of scones if peckish, as the scones are very small. They are also served unheated, which is okay because they are fresh and taste as though they are made with quality ingredients. The raspberry jam tastes homemade and is rich and tart, and there’s plenty of super thick cream. Be sure to wander through the giftware stores or venture into the Blue Mountains National Park for a bush walk before leaving the area.




Tea: An interesting selection of Tea Craft loose-leaf teas served in a transparent pot so you can watch your tea leaves weave their magic.

Price: $$

Overall: Thoughtful and appealing use of a cute and cosy church.

Location: 20 Ross St, Glenbrook NSW 2773 Ph: 0418 398 371
Reviewed in September, 2016

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