Brown Sugar


Maybe Milton is too Bohemian for scones? The town has all the signs; antique shops, historic buildings with a past, homeware stores to browse through, and its strategically perched on the Princes Highway that sees a constant flow of local and holiday traffic. Then why, after scouring every menu in town can I find just one cafe serving scones? Bizarre! I do a full circuit of the town before I come back to Brown Sugar. Defying it’s underwhelming front exterior, Brown Sugar has a small cosy indoor area which it shares with the kitchen, then opens out into a small courtyard, which leads to another small dining area with a different vibe. There’s a seating area for all tastes. To keep young ‘uns amused, a small kiddies play area with a slippery slide sits in the courtyard. I’ve just had lunch so opt for one scone. What a blunder! The scone is exquisite; soft and fluffy with a delicate texture and creamy aftertaste. There’s enough jam and cream to go with it, but it’s a let down. The jam is nothing more than the average cafe stock and the cream is super light, and tastes like dairy whip from a can, which at least is unsweetened and 97 per cent real cream. Milton is a gorgeous town that’s growing by the minute and is heading towards a ‘Berry future’ (another town further north on the Princes Highway). Explore it before it changes too much more.




Tea: A selection of Tea Drop loose-leaf teas served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: It’s the only cafe in town with scones, and worthy scones at that.

Location: 103 Princes Hwy, Milton NSW 2538 Ph: 02 4454 0887
Reviewed in September, 2016

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