Once you get your tongue around the pronunciation of ‘Yakandandah’, the rest is easy. The gorgeous town is heaving with cute historic homes and although the main street has been reclaimed and refurbished for the 21st century, it still retains an essence of yesteryear when Yakandandah was at its goldrush peak in the 1870s. I step into Java@Yack and come face-to-face with a dressed mannequin sitting at a table – odd. The cafe feels like an unpretentious locals hangout, there are even a couple of shelves crammed with DVD rentals in the corner. I notice the business is for sale, and I can only surmise that the older couple is ready to hang up their aprons and enjoy retirement! The two bit-size scones are served a tad cooler than room temperature, no blast in the microwave for these babies, which is the exception rather than the norm in Australia. The scones arrive already dressed with jam and cream, but I don’t mind. Maybe it’s because the slightly sweet cream is chilled and firm – nice one. Even though there’s quite a lot of cream, it still doesn’t disguise the lousy quality of the jam.




Tea: An array of different branded tea bags (from Planet Organic to Lipton) served in a small pot, with an extra pot of water and a pair of tongs to remove the tea bag – love it!

Price: $$

Overall: Old school simplicity.

Location: 10 High St, Yackandandah VIC 3749 Ph: 03 6027 0877
Reviewed in August, 2016

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