Red Stag Restaurant


The view from the deck of the Red Stag Restaurant is probably the best in the Ovens Valley. In the distance are the snowy peaks of the Victorian Alps, and in the valley below a lake sits amongst lush meadows dotted with deer. Most people come to the Red Stag Deer and Emu Farm for the up-close-and-personal experience with the animals, but stay for the awesome view, and the feeling of being on top of the world. I find it fascinating staring into the brown eyes of a deer, and wondering how he withstands the weight of those magnificent antlers. There are also emus, ostriches, and sheep, plus a variety of hens scrounging around the carpark – the kids will love it. The extensive restaurant makes use of its location perched over the valley, so sit on the deck if you can and take advantage of the view. The DT is slightly untraditional with one massive scone that could be mistaken for a bread roll. It tastes like it’s made from a packet mix, but maybe that’s the sweetness talking. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still a worthy choice. There’s plenty of the berry compote-style jam and thickly whipped cream, which is perfect considering the size of the scone.




Tea: Some Tea Tonic loose-leaf teas and a drawer full of boxes of tea bags, so you are sure to find something. The tea is served in a tall glass – odd.

Price: $$

Overall: Go for the location, and the animals.

Location: 324 Hughes Ln, Eurobin VIC 3739 Ph: 03 5756 2365
Reviewed in August, 2016

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