Alpine Gate Cafe


The Alpine Gate Cafe feels like it’s the central hub in Myrtleford. It’s attached to the Visitor’s Centre, so already has a steady stream of potential customers filing past the scones. It’s seriously buzzing inside and I can barely hear myself think. So I brave the wintersun and find a sunny spot in the dining area out the front so I can watch the Myrtleford world go by. And that it does. Passing traffic head up to Bright and further up to the Victorian Alps in search of white gold during the winter months, and mountain biking and hiking in summer. Myrtleford is definitely a pit stop town with the loos across the road in the park, well utilised. I’m here for the scones and although they are a bit soggy from a blast in the microwave, they are still damn good! Smooth and creamy, these scones live up to their reputation on the Internet streets. Being served a disproportionate amount of jam and cream, is a pet hate of mine, as often scones are left high dry. In this instance I barely have enough of the rich tart berry compote style of jam for one scone, but more than enough of the thickly whipped cream. Go figure!




Tea: A small range of loose-leaf teas served in a pot.

Price: $$

Overall: An ideal pit stop for refeulling.

Location: 38 Great Alpine Rd, Myrtleford VIC 3737 Ph: 03 5752 1375
Reviewed in August, 2016

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