Submarine Cafe


Have you ever wondered why a country town far from the ocean ends up with the decommissioned Australian submarine HMAS Otway? Formerly known as Germantown (among other previous names), in 1915 the town finally settled on Holbrook, in honour of Lieutenant N.D. Holbrook of the Royal Navy who was the first submariner to receive the Victoria Cross in World War I. Primarily a service centre for Hume Highway traffic, but since the recent Hume Highway bypass, Holbrook may need to work a little harder at attracting visitors. But everyone travelling the Hume wants to see the inland submarine, right? Well, yes. Many come to the Submarine Precinct to climb over HMAS Otway and to visit the museum, so Holbrook may be preserved yet, just like many of its lovely historic buildings. The aptly named Submarine Cafe looks over HMAS Otway and is the ideal spot to take in the grandeur of the vessel without actually climbing over it. It’s late in the day when I arrive and all the scones are wrapped up for the night in Cling Wrap. Warning bells go off in my head, but I’ve made the diversion, so scones from Cling Wrap it is. The order comes with two scones. They are slightly sweet, and with a bit of primping come up okay. The two sachets of jam are a let down – seriously, it’s not a breakfast buffet! The light but fresh cream is probably the best aspect of this spread, along with the fresh strawberries as garnish.




Tea: A basic selection of tea bags served in a cup, mug or teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Smashing view of the HMAS Otway submarine.

Location: LOT 2 Raymond St, Holbrook NSW 2644 Ph: 02 6036 2211
Reviewed in August, 2016

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