The Tangled Vine Cafe

DT@The Tangled Vine-Taralga#

Apart from the pub, there aren’t a lot of choices in Taralga when it comes to curbing hunger pains. Thirty minutes north of Goulburn, the Taralga Hotel attracts day-trippers, motorbike riders, and those passing through to other destinations. Towards the northern part of town, The Tangled Vine Cafe sits alongside a couple of other businesses and is one of the few eating options in town. If there is no one seated in the sunny area out the front of the cafe, it can look closed – I made that mistake a couple of times, so make sure to try the door. Once inside browse the old wares for sale, or snuggle up by the fire if it’s that sort of weather. The bite-size scones are perfect if you’ve had a big lunch or if dinner is not far off. The presentation is pretty with fresh strawberries, although the jam is average and the cream is light and tastes synthetic like it’s out of a can. A high-five for the bone china tea cup and saucer, it’s always a pleasure drinking out of a proper cup – shame about the ALDI Diplomat teabag though.




Tea: The standard tea variety. A Diplomat tea bag served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A sweet cafe in a chilled village.

Location: 79 Orchard Rd, Taralga NSW 2580 Ph: 02 4840 2929
Reviewed in July, 2016

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