Wollemi Bakery & Cafe


The Wollemi Bakery and Cafe is the only cafe in town that the Lithgow Visitors Centre could point me to that ‘might’ have scones – it’s a 50:50 chance really. Although the cafe is huge, at lunchtime it’s hard to find a vacant seat. Apart from the bakery/cafe kitchen in one corner, another corner houses Treasures Giftware and another area is designated to a kiddies playground. It’s not hard to gather who the clientele are, but on this Friday lunchtime there are as many men in high-vis clothing as there are women with kids. Although there are scones, there are no DTs as such on the menu, but I make sure that there is a jam/cream option before ordering. Choosing the plain scone over the date, I ask for no butter (or rather margarine) and for it to be heated. When it finally arrives it is already coated in margarine, average jam and a squirt of sickly sweet cream from an aerosol can – you know the one. The scone is cold as it’s been sitting in the cake fridge, and reminds me of the scones served in England, although they are at room temperature. It’s an inexpensive option if you are hankering for scones and the rest of your party want a pie or hamburger.




Tea: A small variety of Twinings tea bags served in a small teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A lively bakery cafe with an allocated corner to keep kiddies amused.

Location: 203 Main St, Lithgow NSW 2790 Ph: 02 6352 5405
Reviewed in August, 2016

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