Brewsters Cafe

DT@Brewster's Cafe-Mittagong#

Brewster Cafe manager, Steve Evans, is an affable host. He’s welcoming and loves a chat about the cafe’s decor, which is consists of British memorabilia and a vinyl record collection that probably is better described as wallpaper. According to statistics in a recent edition of the SMH Good Weekend, record or LP sales (or demand for) are now on the rise. As they say, everything old is new again, and it was only going to be a matter of time when the hipsters were in the market for stereos and vinyl records. For the record (no pun intended), Steve is not a hipster, and it’s not that sort of cafe – it is the Southern Highlands after all, not Surry Hills. However, the cafe is bright with a welcoming refectory table taking up much of the floorspace. There are a few tables out on the footpath and a simple courtyard out the back, which is decorated with fairy lights when the cafe is open at night. Scones are single serve, which is great if you are travelling solo or just want a snack. The lemonade scones are robust and err on the heavy rather than light and fluffy side. The thickly whipped cream is lovely and slightly sweet, and gives a boost to the stock standard strawberry jam. The cafe is an absolute delight, but I’m biased, as I love all things British!




Tea: A good range of loose-leaf and tea bag teas served in a teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A fun and friendly cafe for vinyl lovers.

Location: 18 Bowral Rd, Mittagong NSW 2575 Ph: 02 4872 1466
Reviewed in July, 2016

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