Paragon Cafe

DT@Paragon Cafe-Goulburn#

The Paragon Cafe in Goulburn has been serving Greek dishes and cafe standards since 1940. Can you believe it? The cavernous space is more restaurant than cafe and reminds me of what a dance hall from that era, if you cleared out the furniture, might look like. It’s all hustle and bustle on a mid-week afternoon. It’s so hectic and big; you’d think it was Yum Cha in Sydney’s Chinatown! However, there’s nothing Chinese about the Paragon. It’s all booths and mirrored walls and one helluva long bar down almost one side of the restaurant. The menu is seriously extensive; expect old school dishes, so kale and quinoa devotees should look elsewhere. I am so excited to be here (I love anything with a history and booths), that I am flustered by the chock-a-block menu and can’t locate the Devonshire Tea. It’s certainly there, and the no fuss and efficient service has me tucking into light and fluffy scones in no time. I am disappointed by the sachets of jam – it seems a tad lazy. At least the super light cream taste’s like it’s from a cream canister as opposed to the sweet and sickly hybrid cream from a can, that’s a plus.




Tea: A basic selection of Twining tea bags served in a small teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A step back in time with a menu to match.

Location:  Ph: 02 4821 3566
Reviewed in July, 2016

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