The Milk Factory Gallery Cafe

DT@The Milk Factory Cafe-Bowral#2

There’s something sophisticated about a gallery cafe. Maybe it’s being surrounded by art and people’s creations, and the hushed chatter that goes on (so as not to offend the artwork?). I don’t mind art, but what really impresses me are heritage buildings, or properties that tell a story. Although the Old Milk Factory in Bowral doesn’t make mention of it to the non-the-wiser visitor, and you have to look hard to see any resemblance, it has a story. In the 1870s, Bowral began shipping off its milk so by the 1930s the Milk Factory was built to help with the demand. Information about the site is thin on the ground, but putting two-and-two together I assume that milk and other milk products were processed here, deposited onto trains (the building can’t be any closer to the railway tracks), and hauled off to Sydney. It’s a fascinating thought, what went on here under 100 years ago. Today, rebuilt, the Milk Factory Gallery is an art gallery with a cafe offering two outdoor areas as well as indoor seating area for colder weather. When I visit, it’s still breakfast time, so the scones, infused with a hint of vanilla, aren’t long out of the oven. The jam is nothing more than an average strawberry jam, and although the cream is fresh it is very lightly whipped and doesn’t stand up to the warm scone test too well.




Tea: A handful of loose-leaf teas served in a pot.

Price: $$$

Overall: A pleasant alternative to Bowral’s Main St cafes.

 Location: 33 Station St, Bowral NSW 2576 Ph: 02 4862 1077
Reviewed in July, 2016

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