Collaroy Bakehouse

DT@Collaroy Bakehouse
Not much more than a hole-in-the-wall bakery, Collaroy Bakehouse sells the staples; bread, pies, and cakes. Just off busy Pittwater Road and across from the beach, the bakery also serves coffee so the few seats at the window and the tables outside are often occupied. Passing by, I duck in on the off-chance that there are scones with the trimmings. There’s no menu to speak of but I find a tray of fruit and plain scones in the cake cabinet with a handwritten note attached offering jam and cream. My plain scone arrives already dressed and I have no complaints as it is a small and basic bakery after all, not a cafe or restaurant. The scone comes the British way – unheated. It tastes fresh and is robust rather than light and fluffy, but definitely has a scone texture as opposed to a cake or bread roll. The strawberry jam is average, and although it’s sweet, there’s not a lot of it to be offensive. As it’s a chilly day the light and airy cream keeps it’s form, so once again doesn’t spoil a relatively good scone.




Tea: A basic range of tea bags served as small, medium or large. My ‘small’ tea came in a small coffee cup.

Price: $

Overall: Cheap and cheerful.

Location: 1119D Pittwater Rd, Collaroy NSW 2097 Ph: 02 9981 7848
Reviewed in July, 2016

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