Aqua Bar & Dining


With images of poker machines, sticky carpets and bain-marie lunches and dinners in mind, I head to the Dee Why RSL Club on Sydney’s northern beaches. You can imagine my surprise when I step through huge sliding doors to find a schmick if not cavernous club with not a bain-marie in sight. After a makeover a few years ago, Dee Why RSL is all floor to ceiling glass, water features and big open spaces and contemporary design and neutral tones. Although the club offers a plethora of drinking and dining choices, destination is Aqua Bar & Dining, the club’s all-day dining option. The cake cabinet is piled high with plain and date scones, and although there are two per serve – by chef’s orders, I must stick to only one option. This is a tad annoying, as I really don’t see the issue with not being able to have one of each. After much deliberation, I go with the date scones, which are fresh and moist. The lousy two tiny sachets of Kraft strawberry jam aren’t sufficient and the cream, although there’s plenty of it, is light and airy.




Tea: A basic range of Aurora tea bags

Price: $$

Overall: Bright, cheery and schmick.

Location: Dee Why RSL, 932 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099 Ph: 02 9454 4000
Reviewed in June 2016

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