Basil Nut Cafe & Restaurant

DT@Basil Nut CAfe & Restaurant - Katoomba#

Basil Nut Cafe & Restaurant is the latest business to occupy this particular Katoomba premises. I’ve been to three different cafes here in the last seven years, and funnily enough they have all offered a Devonshire Tea. You might not think this worthy of a mention, but the weird thing is that Basil Nut’s menu has a Modern Asian twist, and to find a Devonshire Tea amongst the Laksas, noodles and Asian Tapas is kind of irregular. The owners are definitely doing something right because Basil Nut has bums on seats, and that’s the most important thing. The Katoomba Arcade gets a lot of foot traffic as it links Katoomba’s main drag, Katoomba Street, to the Woolworths and Big W carpark, so it’s a prime location for the locals. The indoor seating is cosy seating, and the outdoor seating, especially the area serviced by the bar type window out he back, is on the bleak side; all cement with thin slivers of sun peaking through. Choose from either a single or a double serving of scones, which are better than average. The jam doesn’t rate much, tasting like a cheap supermarket variety; super sweet. The cream is so light and synthetic it dissolves quickly and has me thinking it’s from a can. Maybe I am just fussy, but a couple of ladies from The Netherlands via Sydney had no complaints.




Tea: A few varieties of loose-leaf teas served in a pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A conveniently located popular lunch spot.

Location: Shop 5 Katoomba Arcade, 147-153 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780
Ph: 02 4782 1294
Reviewed in May, 2016



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