Lily’s Pad Cafe

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First time visitors to Leura will feel overwhelmed by the vast number of eateries that, in the warmer months, spill out onto footpaths, into carparks, arcades and pretty gardens. To steer away from the usual tourist strip cafes is to discover some truly special gems that those not in the know, including me, might easily miss. Lily’s Pad Cafe is down a short walkway that leads from the Woolworth’s carpark, directly to the (now covered) outdoor seating area. Although I frequent the supermarket I have no idea that such a quaint cafe exists over the hedge from the bitumen carpark. Wedged between an apothecary and a hairdresser, the cafe has a relaxing vibe, and is away from the madness of Leura’s main drag. In addition to a vibrant and health driven menu are fresh housemade scones. They are slightly crisp on the outside with a soft fleshy middle, and are so lovely that I am happy to overlook the burnt bottom on one of them. The strawberry jam and tangy lemon curd are made on the premises, but both err on the runny side, and are more sauce than spread. The fresh cream could be a bit firmer, but considering it’s the middle of summer, it’s doing extremely well, and I am tempted to ask for a top up.




Tea: A good variety of black and herbal loose-leaf teas, served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A chilled cafe, tucked away from the tourist strip.

Location: 19 Grose St, Leura NSW 2780 Ph: 02 4784 1033
Reviewed in January, 2016


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