Bake, Table & Tea

DT@Bake, Table & Tea - Bathurst#2

While I was in Hill End over Christmas, I overheard someone mention a new cafe on George St in Bathurst. I had forgotten all about it, thinking it was just another ordinary cafe catering for the coffee crowd. So it was by chance that I stumble upon Bake, Table & Tea – the ‘bake’, ‘tea’ and large shop front arousing my interest. The shop is a treasure trove for bakers and tea lovers alike, choc-a-bloc full of baking necessities (and not), gift ideas, teapots and teaware, and a range of teas to fill the teapots. For Bathurst, it feels quite sophisticated, and bravo to that – about time! The open style cafe sits at the back of the shop, conveniently located next to the loose-leaf teas, just in case you want to purchase one of the 32 varieties from the menu. Although it’s after 4pm, my scones arrive oven fresh and have a smooth creamy taste with a crispy top, and are superb. The homemade strawberry jam is tarte and beautifully complimented by the Little Big Diary thick Chantilly style cream. The cream could be a bit thicker, but that’s just me. The scones are also served with the cafe’s own churned butter, but I skip it as it’s either one or the other me (butter or cream). My pot of tea is delivered with aplomb and set on a warming plate that transforms a pot of tea in to a creative endeavour. There’s an impressive list of teas, which can make choosing a chore, but the handy blurb on the back of the menu is helpful. My only gripe is the slow service; after ordering at the counter I had quite a wait just for my tea. Maybe I was unlucky? Good news for those with allergies as gluten free scones and sugar free jam are available upon request.




Tea: A healthy selection of around 32 loose-leaf teas by Harney & Sons, Larsen & Thompson, and The Organic Tea Project and arrives at the table and placed on a little tea warming stand.

Price: $$$

Overall: Simply superb and an escape from the ordinary.

Location: 2/76 George St, Bathurst NSW 2795 Ph: 02 6324 5422
Reviewed in February, 2016



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