Amelia Kate’s

DT@Amelia Kate's- Kogarah#2

With not a skerrick of vacant land around the traffic congested Princes Highway, it’s hard to imagine that Sunnyside mansion once presided over 179 acres of farmland in Kogarah Bay. Built in 1860, the sandstone beauty has had many lives, but fortunately in the last 20 years it has been restored to something close to its former self. No longer a home, the mansion is the home to patchwork, quilting and sewing classes, a place to buy arty-crafty gifts, wool and haberdashery, and a tea room serving a top notch Devonshire Tea. However, Amelia Kate’s is really about spending a few hours nattering over a fancy High Tea, but the owners are smart enough to realise that some of us are happy to settle for a couple of scones rather than the whole shebang (bookings are essential for High Teas). Once you’re spat off the highway, entering the property’s garden behind the high fence is a godsend, and even better is losing yourself in one of the many rooms set up with white tablecloths and Wedgewood teaware. After you are done exploring (like I did), settle in for a touch of decadence. The scones are sensational! Not only do they look pretty, they are slightly crispy and if scones could, these would melt in your mouth. There’s an interesting range of Alpine Berry jams from the Southern Highlands. I try the rhubarb, vanilla and raspberry, which isn’t too sweet and has a smooth subtle flavour. The cream is fresh and thickly whipped, just how I like it. It’s hard to fault this spread. For the price, it is beyond a bargain! Unfortunately, Amelia Kate’s is not open on Saturday afternoon (unless booked for High Teas) or Sundays. NB: I sat outside in the garden, hence, perhaps the standard teaware, however, sit in one of the tea rooms, and no doubt you’ll be sipping from Wedgewood teacups.




Tea: A fine selection of Tea Drop pyramid tea bags (I ask for a specific flavour that they only have in loose-leaf, and the staff are happy to oblige), served in a teapot kept warm by a tea cosy. Sweet!

Price: $$

Overall: A well-utilised historic house that does a smashing DT. What a find!

Location: 186-188 Princes Hwy, Beverley Park NSW 2217 Ph: 02 9553 7457

Reviewed in January, 2016

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