The Long Arm Farm Cafe and Produce

DT@The Long Arm Farm Cafe & Produce-Oberon#
Several years ago, I sat in almost the same seat in this very same building eating scones. Back then it was called Cafe Savannah, but now with a new lick of paint it’s known as The Long Arm Farm Cafe and Produce. In one corner, shelves are stocked with homemade jams such as yellow cherry, sour plum, peach, strawberry, mango, plum cherry and fig – the list is endless – plus chutneys and honey. It’s a popular spot and I don’t recall the very-cold-in-winter-town of Oberon being so busy. There’s a table of sweet treats, including a cake stand full of scones. Although they look good, the scones are like rock cakes and particularly dry. It’s a hard choice with the jams but I settle for something slightly different, the nectarine jam, which is quite syrupy. The cream is super light and sweet, and it’s very kind of the staff to voluntarily bring me more. I really need extra jam as well; the dishes are thimble sized plus the dry scones need a bit of help today. I do have a gripe, and it’s about having to pay for a pot of tea that’s only half filled with water (and the teapot isn’t particularly big). Seriously folks, it’s only hot water!




Tea: Four standard choices of organic loose-leaf tea served in a pot and a pretty dainty teacup and saucer.

Price: $$

Overall: A relaxed vibe with lots of take home edible goodies.

Location: 133 Oberon St, Oberon NSW 2787 Ph: 02 6336 1661
Reviewed in January, 2016

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