Bathurst CWA – Bathurst Farmers Market

DT@Bathurst Farmers Market - CWA#2
It’s my first visit to the Bathurst Farmers Market, and it’s happening simply because we are passing by. If I’m honest, I don’t do these types of markets. For one, I’m a freelancer, and for most of the month I don’t have any cash in my wallet, so it’s far easier buying food at a supermarket where they are happy to take plastic. Plus, many of these places can be expensive. The funny thing is, there never seems to be any farmers! Well, at this one I bought a $2.00 cabbage from a dinky di farmer who was selling them from a trailer; it’s good to see they are still about. Actually, I’m intrigued by the historic timber buildings built for the showground, that look as though they were built more than a century ago – probably more, considering the site has been used for agricultural purposes since Bathurst’s settlement in 1815. During my ‘building inspection’ I spy the CWA ladies lined up behind a swag of Tupperware containers. I’m spoilt for scone choice; plain, apple and cinnamon, pumpkin and rosemary, and cheese and chives. I stick to the sweet and go with a plain and an apple and cinnamon. As it is a Farmer’s Market, my scones are handed to me on a plastic plate, with a squirt of sickeningly sweet cream from a can, and a couple of sachets of jam. My plain scone has a five-star look but is a bit salty and rubbery from the zap in the microwave. The apple and cinnamon scone comes out in front in taste, but is quite small and chewy. The Bathurst Farmers Market is held on the fourth Saturday of the month.

Scones:  to  (plain & apple/cinnnamon)



Tea: A surprisingly big range of tea bags served in a takeaway paper cup.

Price: $$

Overall: Quite disappointing. I thought the CWA were the leaders when it came to scones.

Location: Bathurst Showground, Kendall Ave, Bathurst NSW 2795
Ph: 0409 924 182 (Bathurst Farmers Market)
Reviewed in January, 2016


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