Steam Mills Restaurant

DT@Old Goulburn Brewery#

The old Goulburn Brewery is quite a find. Although in need of some TLC, a good feather duster also wouldn’t go astray, and an injection of capital, the historic building is another wonderful example of Francis Greenway’s work. Completed sometime after 1836, the Brewery became another feather in Greenway’s cap, adding to his more known works such as the Macquarie Lighthouse, Hyde Park Barracks and Government House. Formerly known as Bradley Grange, the integrated set of buildings housing the various activities associated with brewing, malting, milling, coopering, smithing and stabling remain intact, and with an overhaul could become an unmissable place to visit in Goulburn. The day we visit it’s nearing 40 degrees, so we settle into the coolness of the Steam Mills Restaurant, rather than outside in the cobbled courtyard. When my Devonshire Tea arrives, I get a whiff of a strange smell but think it’s my partners ploughman’s lunch. To my horror I realise the lightly whipped cream is slightly off and send it back. With not much of an apology, I’m later brought a scoop of vanilla ice-cream as a replacement as there is no cream in the house. A shame, as it’s an integral part of a Devonshire tea. I press on minus the cream with the average strawberry jam spread over the bread like scones that have the texture of breadrolls rather than scones. If you need to see more than just the restaurant and outside grounds, do a self-guided tour ($7.50) through some of the rooms, and read up on the man himself, Francis Greenway.




Tea: A selection of loose-leaf teas is served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Impressive historic property that could be brilliant with some TLC.

Location: Goulburn Brewery, 23 Bungonia Rd, Goulburn NSW 2580
Ph: 02 4821 6071
Reviewed in December, 2015

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