The Fourteas

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It’s hard to know where to have a Cream Tea in Stratford-upon-Avon, because there are so many places to choose from. I can’t go past The Fourteas, a 1940s themed tea room. It’s quirky and celebrates a decade that to me is best remembered for World War II. There are all sorts of war memorabilia, Union Jack flags abound, and there’s even an air raid shelter in the large private garden out the back. It’s too chilly for sitting outside today, so we cosy up with fellow diners at street level (there are rooms upstairs) inside. Wait staff help set the mood by getting about in 1940s garb, while tunes to the likes of the Andrew Sisters play discreetly in the background. Menus are ‘Ration Books’, but there is nothing ration-like about it with plenty to choose from. There’s a selection of fruit and plain scones served warm or cold, and for those with a particular food intolerance, wheat free cheese scones, and wheat and dairy free fruit scones are available. I choose a warm plain scone that’s neither light and fluffy nor heavy, but instead, is fresh, wholesome and homemade. The clotted cream is superb, and the fruity strawberry jam is well above average. The tea room is quality, fun, and with just the right amount of kitsch.




Tea: A great selection of Green Monkey Tea Company loose-leaf teas served in a good-sized pot. An egg timer arrives along with the tea, so you know when your pot is ready to go.

Price: £5.20

Overall: A cool vintage-themed tea room with a 40s spin.

Location: 24 Sheep St, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6EF Ph: +44 1789 293908
Reviewed in October, 2015

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