The Cellarium Cafe and Terrace

DT@Cellarium Cafe & Terrace-Westminster Abbey#

Westminster Abbey is without a doubt the most well known church in Britain. Even the massive queue and £20 admission fee can’t keep visitors at bay. The sheer scale and architecture, extensive history, and the fact that there are 3,300 people buried or commemorated here is extraordinary. Although the construction of the present church didn’t begin until 1245, there has been a church of some sorts at this London address since the middle of the 10th century. Since 1066 the Abbey has seen 16 royal weddings, countless coronations of English and British monarchs, and is the final resting place of 17 of them. To truly experience all that the Abbey has to offer, you’ll need at least a couple of hours, and then some more time at The Cellarium Cafe and Terrace just to regroup. Although set on two floors, with outdoor seating in the summer months, I only see the lower level of the cafe that’s near the kitchen, not realising that there’s more. Although I do find it rather peculiar that there’s no terrace – not one that I can see. Originally, the Cellarium was used to store food and drink for the monks. Now it’s a quiet and relaxing place that’s an ideal bolthole far away from the madding Abbey crowds where you can absorb the wealth of information from the audio guide. Expect to share large tables when busy and even though there’s a steady stream of diners, the service is unmistakably slack. The small jar of Tiptree jam is a cafe staple, well it seems so in London, and the clotted cream is as it should be – clotted. The fruit scones are very average and surprisingly dry, but you hardly notice it with the jam and clotted cream piled on top. It’s a shame, as everything else, including the pretty tea ware, is lovely.




Tea: A small selection of loose-leaf teas served in a lovely teapot.

Price: £7.50

Overall: The ideal location to recharge before hitting the streets of London.

Location: Westminster Abbey, 20 Dean Farrar St, Westminster SW1P 3PA Ph: +44 20 7222 0516
Reviewed in October, 2015

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