The Boathouse Balmoral Beach


The Boathouse restaurant group knows a winning formula when it comes to feeding and watering hip crowds. All three venues have stunning locations in Sydney’s affluent northern beachside suburbs and the beachy chic decor is an obvious winner. At Balmoral Beach, the meal order queue is out the door, and you’re lucky to get in at lunchtime even during the week. Situated in the old Balmoral Boatshed, it’s definitely all about location, location, location! Sitting at one of the prime seating spots at the end of the timber pier, the water almost laps at your ankles. From here it’s a full view of beautiful Balmoral beach, and the tables that run parallel to the timber pier look over the enclosed swimming area. The scones, jam and cream are comparable to The Boathouse Shelly Beach, which is both commendable and a bummer. Commendable because it’s almost identical even down to the timing and service we all love consistency, and a bummer because I don’t like my pot of tea arriving ten minutes after my scones. The serving is definitely meant to be shared – the scones are big, and freshly baked, but served cold and already sliced in half. Slightly warm scones would be better and although the cream is fresh, it’s a bit light, and the jam average. The spread definitely wins brownie points for presentation and the lush strawberries are a treat.




Tea: The standard variety of loose-leaf teas are served in cast iron Japanese style tea pot that is heavier than what it needs to be, with not a lot of tea.

Price: $$$

Overall: The location! What else is there?

Location: 2 The Esplanade, Balmoral NSW 2088 Ph: 02 9974 5440

Reviewed September, 2015