King Henry’s Court

DT@KIng Hebry Court Cafe-Penrith

It’s all happening at King Henry’s Court. Operating out of an original church dating back to the 1860’s, the café/restaurant/function space/gift shop is a hive of entrepreneurial activity. Today, there are no Hen’s, Birthday or Anniversary Parties happening, but there’s a steady stream of locals heading through the front door for lunch. On the left hand side upon first entering the historic church, there’s a section devoted to inexpensive trinkets and giftware. Actually, it’s hard to know where the gift shop ends and the restaurant begins. Trinkets hang from and cover every available surface throughout the building – or are they part of the decorations? I don’t linger long enough (I’m on my way to the restrooms) to find out – my loitering might upset the full house of diners. It’s officially one of the last few days of winter and I pull up a chair in the front courtyard, leaving the majority of the diners to their trinkets, and soak up the sun. The scones are a bit dry and don’t taste particularly fresh even though it’s just pushing noon. The strawberry jam is average – super sweet – and although the whipped cream could be thicker, is the standout for me. The service is outstanding. I watch super friendly and efficient staff effortlessly assist elderly patrons and mothers with prams, especially as they tackle the front steps.




Tea: A basic range of Dilmah tea bags served in a very small Japanese iron teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A popular and centrally located local hangout.

Location: 74 Henry St, Penrith NSW 2750 Ph: 02 4721 1155

Reviewed August, 2015

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