Purnos On The Beach

DT@Flynns Beach-Port Mac#

Port Macquarie is blessed with a spectacular coastline and enough stunning beaches interspersed between rocky headlands to keep visitors and locals enthralled for an entire visit or a lifetime! Flynn’s Beach, which is just a few scenic kilometres south of the centre of town, is easily accessible by car (down the hill), by the stairs, or along the coastal path. The beach is divine, and we see dolphins frollicking out past the breakers. You can’t miss Purnos On The Beach as it’s right on the walkway, which splits the kiosk servery from the dining annexe. The first thing I notice about the café, apart from its ocean dipping proximity, is the ‘we don’t serve hot chips’ sign. The owner certainly has a sense of humour, because ‘hot chips’ are what you’d expect from a beach kiosk in a coastal NSW town. After that sign, I shouldn’t be surprised when I spot the scones on the menu. It’s kind of a contradiction though. They don’t serve hot chips, but serve the tea in a takeaway cup even though I am sitting down to scones on a proper plate. The jam and cream also comes in plastic containers, which feels a tad on the ‘cheap’ side. It is a beach-like kiosk after all, so why should I complain as I sit at a picnic bench in the sun (one of two near the café)? The scones are slightly sweet, which could be due to the dusting of icing sugar, but are freshly baked this morning. The jam is cheap and syrupy sweet and the cream super light, adding to the already sweet spread. But a Devonshire Tea with a beachside view? You just can’t beat that!




Tea: A very ordinary choice of tea bags served in a small or large take-away cup.

Price: $$

Overall: An amazing location just metres from the sand.

Location: Tuppenny Rd, Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie NSW 2444 Ph: 0402 072753

Reviewed August, 2015

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