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By the sounds of the tooting from the steam train somewhere in the bush across the road, Timbertown is still open for business. In this fickle world it’s nice to know that simple entertainment is still thriving. Curly’s Cafe resides in a shack that looks like it belongs in Timbertown. It’s cabin-like cosiness on the inside, contrasts with the space available to spread your wings in the back courtyard or in the front garden. While in the queue to place my order, I have time to dither over which Tea Drop tea to have. There are plain and date scones, which are big and wholesome (read – dense), so just get the one, unless you are starving hungry. Unfortunately there’s not enough of the housemade jam (too runny), which is more syrup than a spread. I actually wince when I see a ginormous cream piping bag; obviously filled with whipped cream, go into the fridge. In my confusion I mix it up with a whipped cream siphon, which spits out cotton wool soft cream (not my most favourite), but instead I get a pretty bowl of thick and firm whipped cream, heaven – sigh. The highlight is the range of Melbourne outfit, Tea Drop teas (one of my favourite brands). The lowlight is that the high quality tea bag is dunked in a shallow coffee cup of hot water, sacrilegious. An additional pot of hot water is an extra dollar on top of the $3.60 cup of tea – eek!




Tea: A more than most extensive range of Tea Drop silk tea bags served, ahem, in a small coffee cup (no tea-pot).

Price: $$

Overall: A cosy ‘shack vibe’ that’s handy for a visit to Timbertown.

Location: Shop 5/245 Oxley Hwy (opposite Timbertown), Wauchope NSW 2446 Ph: 02 6585 2505

Reviewed August, 2015

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