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DT@Clancy's Cafe#2

Yeoval. What? Where? I had never heard of the place until I passed through the tiny town on my way from Wellington to Peak Hill. The Visitor’s Centre/Banjo Patterson Exhibition/café sits on the edge of town, only noticeable by the large wavering bright yellow ‘OPEN’ sign that flags down passersby. But it’s the Devonshire Tea sign that gets me, and maybe the pennyfarthings in the front yard of the former community hall. Yeoval’s claim to fame is Banjo Paterson. Apparently the poet spent the first seven years of his life here. Anyone who has visited Australian country towns, may be inclined to think that old Banjo definitely got around or lived a very long life, considering the number of places ‘claiming’ the poet did ‘something’ in their town. Henry Lawson gets the same. Whatever brings visitors to town is what I say, and for me the scones definitely would. They are lovingly homebaked, light and fluffy with a creamy texture and taste. The cream too is sensational. Real cream whipped thick with an electric beater – how hard is that? Not very, and I wish more places did it. The jam is average, but nice and thick and not syrupy sweet, and the mix works brilliantly. Scone lovers are crazy not to stop for five dollar DTs, and maybe linger to learn a bit more about the illustrious poet.




Tea: A large selection of Twining tea bags served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $

Overall: A damn good Devonshire Tea at a bargain price!

Location: Banjo Paterson Museum, 43 Forbes St, Yeoval NSW 2868 Ph: 0427 208913

Reviewed July, 2015

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