Berry Jetz Cafe


Visitors to beautiful Berry are spoilt for choice when it comes to cafes. It’s not quite, one on every corner, as competition is fierce with boutiques and homeware stores vying for space, but there’s definitely enough to have you tossing coins to help decide which one to try. Berry currently still endures the Princes Highway traffic, and will do until the bypass is completed. What happens after that is anyone’s guess, but perhaps many locals (not businesses) will be happy to have their town back. Until then, Berry’s popularity with day-trippers and passersby will remain strong. After a look at the interesting Berry Museum, which is housed in a former bank, it’s scones at Berry Jetz Cafe. A lively and inviting café, I opt to try both the plain and date scones, which incidentally are brought in from the Berry Bakery and not baked on the premises. My friend and I both agree that the plain scone is the pick of the two, simply because it has a better texture and tastes fresher. The date scone is sweet and dry and we both leave it. There’s very little jam considering the size of the scones but requesting more isn’t a problem. Although you may not want more as it’s very average, quality wise, and although the cream is fresh it’s prepared in a whipping siphon so is particularly light.




Tea: A standard variety of T2 loose-leaf teas served in a teapot. There are other teas available that aren’t on the menu, so ask if you want something slightly different.

Price: $$

Overall: A bright and conveniently located café with a friendly and welcoming vibe.

Location: 1/94 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535 Ph: 02 4464 3320

Reviewed July, 2015

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