La Rose Cafe

DT@La Rose Cafe-Myers mezzanine

Over the years I have kept an eye out for the likelihood of scones being served at La Rose Cafe in Myers Sydney City. The café looks over the beauty department on the ground floor and shares the Mezzanine level with women’s lingerie and sleepwear. Since it’s all about women, you would think that scones are available, but this is the first time I see them (it is the middle of winter). However, I don’t know why they have bothered, as these forlorn little buggers, individually wrapped in plastic, look very unappealing. And even more unappealing is the one small sachet of Kraft strawberry jam and the small squirt of super sweet can cream they are served with. The highlight of the overpriced endeavour is the pot of Tea Tonic tea, although the coffee cup and small teapot doesn’t do my coconut tea justice. When I visit there is a special – ‘scone and coffee for $7.50’ but I have to pay a bit extra to have the Tea Tonic tea.




Tea: A surprisingly extensive selection of Tea Tonic loose-leaf teas served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: An ideal location if you need a quiet break from the women’s lingerie department but skip the scone special.

Location: Myer, Mezzanine Level, 436 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 Ph: 02 9238 9111

Reviewed July, 2015

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