Lemongrass Express

DT@Lemongrass Express Cafe - Kingsgrove#2

Unless you live in the area and are working on your garden, Plants Plus in Kingsgrove isn’t like many of the other nurseries around Sydney, namely those around Dural and Terry Hills that feel like a special destination. There’s a big indoor dining area and a sunny deck to suit all weather conditions. I visit on a sunny Saturday and the place is quiet with only a handful of diners in Lemongrass Express Cafe. I phone ahead before I make the schlep out there to see whether they serve scones. Although I have the thumbs up, it isn’t what I expect with a scone, tea or coffee sold as a $5.50 special. One small scone arrives already dressed with jam and cream. Where’s the fun in that? However, surprisingly the scone tastes good, home-baked rather than preserved and packaged, but the average jam and super light cream from an aerosol can doesn’t make an impression.




Tea: A small selection of Twining and Lipton tea bags served in a small teapot.

Price: $

Overall: A quiet café in a tired nursery.

Location: Plants Plus Kingsgrove, 58 Moorefields Rd, Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Ph: 02 9554 5811

Reviewed June, 2015

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